Dwarven Assassin


Str 15 // 2/6 open doors, 7% bend bars / lift gates
Int 12 // 3 languages (not yet determined)
Wis 11
Dex 17 // +2 all ranged attack rolls, -3 AC
Con 12
Cha 8 // 3 henchmen at -5% loyalty

Lvl 1
6/6 HP
AC 0
667 XP

-falchion – 1d6+1 damage, 5 speed, 4 length
-buckler – -1AC? maybe?
-splint mail armor
-hefty tome
-carpentry toolkit
-2 doses of itching powder (-1 AC and -1 attack rolls for 10 rounds)
-grappling hook
-6 flasks oil
-1 torch



-Dresses as a colorful, itinerant street performer
-Has the brand of Thief burned in his forehead (an open hand with its fingers separated from the palm)
-Doesn’t laugh or smile, only leer and snort

-Considers dwarves to be elves, possibly in a delusional manner
-Has a strong persecution complex

-Can use poison
-Backstab 2x damage and potential instant kill if target is close to same level
-Lugs around a hefty tome chronicling the woes of the dwarven people

-Looks like drunken, slightly burnt John C Reilly
80 y/o


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