(much of this shamelessly stolen from both middenmurk.blogspot.com and grognardia.blogspot.com)

When creating an elf character, do the following rather than what is in the AD&D Player's Handbook:

  • 60' infravision
  • +1 Dexterity, -1 Constitution
  • 90% resistance to sleep and charm spells
  • +1 to hit with longbows, short bows, short swords, and long swords
  • 1 in 6 chance to passively detect secret doors
  • 2 in 6 chance to actively locate secret doors or portals
  • When alone or separate from a party, will surprise monsters 4 in 6 times

Limited to the following levels:

  • Fighter (7th)
  • Magic-User (11th)
  • Thief (Unlimited)
  • Assassin (10th)

For other characteristics, roll 1d100 on the following table 3 times

Some Elves….

  1. Speak in a raspy whisper.
  2. Fear the colour red, won’t touch it and refuse to wear red garments.
  3. Laugh at funerals, cry at glad tidings and show no compassion.
  4. Make strange bestial noises, seemingly without being aware of what they are doing.
  5. Have the ears of an ass, which they hide beneath some kind of headgear.
  6. Appear to be perpetually adolescent, but with ancient eyes – or – appear wizened with age, but bright-eyed and hale.
  7. Have a tail like a cow’s, which they conceal beneath clothing.
  8. Have a strange floral or herbal fragrance.
  9. Don’t tend to come in out of the rain or in any other way avoid discomfort.
  10. Skulk around bone-yards, crossroads and other such ill-omened places
  11. Feel compelled to build cairns of stones and little idols of sticks at random places.
  12. Have the eyes of a falcon and stare at people in an unsettling manner.
  13. Eat insects, snails and spiders.
  14. Occasionally go into a trancelike state where they murmur in a long-forgotten tongue and rock back and forth.
  15. Creep around at night and do odd jobs for people.
  16. Dislike iron and avoid touching iron objects.
  17. Have teeth which are disconcertingly sharp.
  18. Periodically give away money and valuables.
  19. Have skin which is cold to the touch.
  20. Sing songs of unearthly beauty.
  21. Have never known another of their kind.
  22. Have hair of white or silver.
  23. Become intoxicated if they consume too much sugar.
  24. Have shadows that seem "alive."
  25. Sleep standing up — and only for an hour or two each day.
  26. Claim to have visited other worlds.
  27. Call all non-elves "ephemerals."
  28. Periodically spend all their funds on worthless baubles that they soon tire of and give away.
  29. Devote themselves to a single weapon and will never even touch, let alone wield, another.
  30. Can determine if a person is a magic-user simply by sight.
  31. Consider silver more valuable than gold.
  32. Find the concepts of aging and death endlessly fascinating.
  33. Believe politeness is a form of dishonesty.
  34. Disappear on the night of a full moon.
  35. Refuse to accept magical healing or any other clerical spells.
  36. Engage in conversations with beings others cannot see.
  37. Are superb mapmakers.
  38. View dwarves with strange interest.
  39. Will not allow non-elves to watch them eat.
  40. Refuse to sign their name to any document.
  41. Have a vacant, open-mouthed, idiotic expression.
  42. Have no sense of privacy or modesty.
  43. Have a sharp, feral, countenance.
  44. Fear the sun and shroud themselves in layers of cloth to avoid its rays.
  45. Harass and ride livestock to amuse themselves.
  46. Take delight in frightening people with cruel pranks. 
  47. Cast a pale shadow.
  48. Tend to attract the attention of various small animals.
  49. Habitually sleep in ditches, up trees, or under hedges.
  50. Are androgynous.
  51. Creep around at night and peer through windows.
  52. Crave butter and cream and will pay almost any price to get hold of it.
  53. Are very lustful and seductive.
  54. Move with feline grace.
  55. Destroy things for no apparent reason.
  56. Are very tall and gaunt or small and childlike.
  57. Fear the gods of Men.
  58. Actively avoid meeting other members of their kind.
  59. Possess the same height, build, and countenance as Men but otherwise possess all the qualities of elves.
  60. Keep small tokens of every intelligent being they slay.
  61. Are zealously Neutral (Balance) in their worldview.
  62. Instinctively feel the death of anyone they have ever met, regardless of the distance.
  63. Become mute on the night of a new moon.
  64. Feel a special affinity with cats.
  65. Will speak no language but their own.
  66. Refer to the Sun as "Our ancient enemy."
  67. Commit to memory every song they ever hear, even those sung by "ephemerals."
  68. Show an inordinate interest in keys of all sorts.
  69. Seek out knowledge about the undead.
  70. Must slay at least one living creature each day or sicken.
  71. Call themselves by different names with different groups of people.

…or carry…

72. A collection of keys to unknown locks.

73. A chain shirt as supple as leather.

74. A bag of cat nip.

75. A vial filled to the brim with sugar.

76. Silver eating utensils.

77. An odd "compass" whose cardinal points correspond to no known directions.

78. A hooded cloak that changes color to match its surroundings.

79. A silver belt buckle.

80. An ornate hair clasp.

81. A collection of hand-drawn maps.

82. A guide to etiquette.

83. A handful of small stones unlike any on earth.

84. A wide-brimmed hat.

85. Some "twine" made from a flexible, silvery metal.

86. Several small but empty leather bags that they will allow no one else to touch.

87. A hazel switch

88. A small pouch containing (1d6) 1. Henbane 2. Dried Elf-Cap Mushroom 3. Datura 4. Mandrake 5. Belladonna 6. Diviner’s Sage

89. A stone that looks like a toad

90. A tall dunce’s cap

91. Ragged finery, tattered and befouled

92. An ancient bronze dagger.

93. A bone flute.

94. A sprig of mistletoe

95. An old shillelagh

96. An archaic corselet of bronze scale armour

97. A staff inscribed with ancient secrets in runes or ogham

98. A rote or lyre

99. A lock of human hair

100. Golden chains from a barrow-tomb


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