An AD&D 1st Edition Megadungeon Campaign


For countless millenia, the City-State has endured. 
She is the jewel of the Bleak Vale.
Castle Penterakt is her bastion. 
All have failed to break her.

Not horde, beast, or treacherous politician.
By the grace of Ith, the Hobbled King protects her. 
May his reign remain untarnished as polished brass.

The City-State will survive.
She punishes her enemies.
Carceri Penterakt is a fate worse than death.
Her roots stretch deep into the earth.
They wind through the rot and ruin of dead civilizations.
Layered like infernal sediment.

But the sky fell onto the Temple of 1000 Gods.
Two fortnights ago.
Right into her heart.
She is now little more than ruin. 
Being picked at by the rabble.
Vultures greedily tearing at carrion bone.

The Tablets of Ith warn of the Adversary's return.
Prophets whisper of a great, black horde. 
It will erupt from the Underworld.
The night-beasts already walk in darkness.
It begins with a fallen star.

Pilgrims from realms innumerable flood the city gates.
Streets are swollen with wretches, thieves, and deviants.
The Wastes howl from the east.
And a putrid stink of sedition comes on the Southern Wind.

The City-State has become a corpulent pustule.
And Carceri Penterakt is the follicle.

Deep in its bowels, something stirs… 

Fortune Favors the Bold.



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