Carceri Penterakt

Session #1

In search of the Tablets of Ith


Thatcher, Lvl 2 Human Thief (Betsy)

Daurenel, Lvl 3 Human Druid (Seth)

Adumpha, Lvl 1 Dwarf Fighter (Sarah)

Horsefeathers, Lvl 1 Dwarf Assassin (Owen)


Monsters Defeated

7 Gibberlings (112 xp)

Treasure Gained

Staff magically crafted of oak with pearl on top (756 xp)

"Plebeian Claw" +2 Bastard Sword, Defender (1800 xp)

Total XP – 2668

XP per Party member – 667



charliegilb charliegilb

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