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When creating a dwarf, replace what's in the AD&D Player's Handbook with the following:

  • 60' infravision
  • +1 to saving throws vs Rods, Staves, Wands, Spells, and Poison per 3.5 points of Constitution (round down)
  • 66% chance to detect grade or slope of passages, unsafe stonework. direction underground, new construction, stonework traps and depth underground.
  • +1 to attack rolls vs orcs and goblinkind
  • -4 AC bonus against giant-type opponents (trolls, ogres, giants, titans

Limited to the following levels:

  • Fighter (9th)
  • Assassin (9th)
  • Thief (Unlimited)

Roll 2 different colored d6 on the following table three times for characteristics. Specify which d6 represents the 10s column and which represents the 1s column:

11. Go about turbanned and veiled, refusing to reveal their face to anyone not of dwarfish descent.
12. Have harsh, gravelly voices.
13. Are (1d2) 1. as tall as humans, but tend to stoop 2. As short as halflings, with outsized heads, hands and feet.
14. Have eyes that (1d2) 1. glow like coals when they are angry 2. Are dead white.
15. Mistrust everyone to the extent that they require blood-oaths, pacts and documentation to ensure fidelity before embarking on any mutual endeavour.
16. Have deeply poetic souls.
21. Are feared and distrusted by animals as if there was something unnatural about them.
22. Become obsessed with a single topic such that they are prone to talking about it whether others are interested or not.
23. Go into decline when thwarted, muttering and rocking and dealing out savage beatings.
24. Have thin scraggly beards (if male) or thinning hair (if female).
25. Have gnarled, bony fists.
26. Act like sly street-hustlers.
31. Dress in the colourful garb of an itinerant street performer.
32. Bury hoards of gold an secret caches and never dig them up.
33. Are zealous ancestor-worshippers and must spend one day a week muttering prayers over old bones.
34. Are very gaunt, all bone and sinew.
35. Have the brand of a thief burnt into their face.
36. Never laugh or smile, leer strangely or snort instead.
41. Smell of (1d4) 1. Brimstone 2. Iron 3. Fresh Earth 4. Wet Dog.
42. Are albino.
43. Consider themselves to be a kind of elf.
44. Speak the language of the hills, enabling them to predict the weather with 70% accuracy.
45. Have strange taloned feet, which they go to great lengths to conceal.
46. Use a crutch, even if they don't need to.
51. Are terrified of fish, won't eat it, and will not ever go in the water when there are likely to be fish around.
52. Are able to, once per day, hone a weapon to sufficient sharpness that it will do +1 damage in one encounter.
53. Consider themselves related to wrens, beavers and newts and will fight to protect them as for close family members
54. Have secret names, knowing a dwarf's secret name allows one to force them to reveal the whereabouts of their gold.
55. Practice usury and are banned from other professions.
56. Seek to replace as many teeth as possible with gold ones.
61. Have an ancient warcry which they shout before battle.
62. Practice sky burial with their own people.
63. Smoke thick black cigarillos.
64. Speak with thick slavic accents. 
65. Harbour body vermin, causing them to scratch incessantly.
66. Have a persecution complex.

Common Travelling Gear (1d20 three times)

1. Blunderbuss.
2. Bundle of goods for market (d6) 1. furs 2. pots and pans 3. documents revealing shady dealings of local notaries 4. stolen silverware 5. high-grade steel ingots 6. 
3. Hefty tome chronicling the woes of the dwarfish people.
4. Accounts book, ledger, writing paraphernalia.
5. Phylactery containing ancestral bone relic.
6. Musical Instrument (1d4) 1. tin whistle 2. tabor 3. cittern 4. serpent
7. Phrygian cap.
8. Hazel dowsing rod.
9. Journeyman's tool Kit for (1d4) 1. masonry 2. carpentry 3. leather-working 4. Blacksmithing.
10. Vial of deadly poison (aconite).
11. Shapeless dun-coloured smock.
12. Falchion and Buckler.
13. Kettle Hat .
14. Collection of self-penned love-poems.
15. Thick, knotty shortbow
16. Pouch of uncut gems.

17-20. Roll 1d6 and 1d8 from the list below. The d6 represents the '10s' column whereas the d8 represents the '1s' column. You get that item without paying for it.

In addition, the following Equipment is available to dwarves upon character creation (if they end up with extra money to spend):

11. Adamant Warhammer – 1d6 dmg,  +1 vs heavy armour, 50 gold

12. Ancestral blackthorn cudgel – 1d6 dmg, 20 gold

13. Aureal Lodestone – Drawn to gold within 5', poisonous: -1 WIS per week to user, 180 gold

14. Awfish Whisky – heals d2 dmg but crippling cramps (as hold person) for 1 turn, 40 gold for 3 doses

15. Bane-Ore:Greenish lump repels cave vermin 20' (morale check), 120 gold

16. Blinding Smut: hurled in the air requires save vs dragon breath or blind for 1d4 rounds, 50% chance it backfires

17. Brazen Ear Trumpet: Detect sliding stonework 1-5 on d6, 80 gold

18. Brither Bulhorn: sinister grey snail exudes 1 dose of sleep poison per day, it takes 3 turns for the snail to apply the poison to the weapon, 100 gold

21. Copper Eft Amulet – Coiled newt, verdigris encrusted, acts as a mystic key into seemingly impassable brochs, 60 gold

22. Ethercap's Bile: grants +3 STR and -6 INT for d6 rounds before 6 turns of debilitating vomiting, 50 gold for 3 doses

23. Fenris Cur: Feral, gaunt and haggard, hairless, earless, snarling hell-jackals AC: 7 MV: 180' (60') HD 1/2 dmg: 1d3 ML: 4, 100 gold for 3

24. Firewater – Spit fire, d8 dmg, 10' range, ignore armour, 3 doses for 50 gold

25. Flint Skean – Stone sacrificial knife – d3 dmg but can strike invulnerable spirit entities, 50 gold

26. Gloom Lanthorn – of battered lead, burns black bile , foils infravision 30', 20 gold

27. Heavy Windlass Arbalest: ROF 1/2 dmg d10, 80 gold

28. Hurdy-gurdy – CHA check to successfully play rousing tune, +2 morale if successful, -2 if unsuccessful, morale bonus only applies while tune is being played, penalty continues for 1 turn, 70 gold

31. Iron Earshank; 1d4 dmg, 1d10 vs individuals without helmets, 80 gold

32. Iron Guthook – d6 dmg, 5 gold

33. Iron Mole-mask – +1 AC, +1 to saving throws vs fire, 100 gold

34. Itching powder – DEX check to apply, -1 to AC and hit rolls for 1 turn to whosoever should be affected, failed check backfires, 30 gold for 3 doses

35. Juniper Spirit – Makes men maudlin yet malleable, +3 to reaction for potential hirelings, 3 doses for 30 gold

36. Lantern Helm: 20' illumination, adversely affects light-sensitive entities, +1 AC, 60 gold

37. Leaf-shaped ancestral bronze sword: 1d6 dmg, can harm otherwise invulnerable spirits, 100 gold

38. Mordant Pizzle-reek: A clay pot full of acrid foulness, acts as stinking cloud, 20' radius, 150 gold

41. Nadder-Stane – perforated stone through which it is possible to detect invisible 1/day with 1% cumulative chance of seeing a vagrant enormity which sees right back, 300 gold

42. Ninkip-in-the-Cauldron: Apparently dead cat, knows the way 20% of the time

43. Noxious sphagnum brew – of sovereign virtue 'gainst the pox, allows second saving throw, 60 gold

44. Orichalchum Habergeon – (mail coif) +1 AC, +1 to saving throws vs lightning, 120 gold

45. Pet – Duleskin Crabbe: In an urn full of gravel and brine, can pick locks 10% 1/day, 30 gold

46. Pet – Fess-cat: Unnaccountably fierce grey feline, AC6 MV: 240' (80') HD 1/4 dmg: d2 ML: 10, 100 gold

47. Pet – Flaycruke : Tatty raven with dead eyes that yet see, speaks , AC: 7 MV 300'(100') HD: 1/4 dmg: 1 ML: 8, 150 gold

48. Pet – Gangrel-bitch: loathsome, stinking she-dog, AC: 7 MV:150'(50') HD: 1/2 dmg: d3 + horrors ML: 5, 120 gold

51. Pet – Gnattery Sow: Small, black and furious, forages successfully almost anywhere and can be milked for nourishment for one dwarf, AC: 8 MV: 120' (30') HD: 1 dmg: d2 ML:6, 100 gold

52. Pet – Yellerish Warbler: Quaint songbird of irksome purplish brown hue, gives warning of encroaching danger, surprised only on a 1, 40 gold

53. Shuck Whistle: Wandering monsters arrive in d4 rounds, 50 gold

54. Signal Hammer: Tapping conveys signal through 100' of stone, d4 dmg, 10 gold

55. Smetchy Mantle: dull black tatty rags, allow surprise on 1-3, 30 gold

56. Tattermantle – +1 to reaction among roguish types, -1 to others, 20 gold

57. Tattoo – Badger's Rage: +1 dmg 1/day, 100 gold

58. Tattoo – Heron's Vigil: only surprised on a 1, 1 hour/day, 80 gold

61. Tattoo – Sagacious Birch: Read Languages 1/week, 120 gold

62. Tattoo – Salmon Leaping: win initiative 1/day, 100 gold

63. Tattoo – White Bull at Bay: heal 1 dmg 1/week, 80 gold

64. Tinker Hammer: Detect stone traps 1-5 on d6, 60 gold

65. Toadstone – poison antidote, +2 to saving throw, 150 gold

66. Unbreakable Manacles of blue-black steel – 150 gold

67. War Mattock: d10 dmg, +2 to open doors, 50 gold

68. Wulver-skin – Stinking black fur, +1 to AC, +1 to saving throws vs cold, 80 gold


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