Fighters function as indicated in the AD&D Player's Handbook, with the following exceptions:

Weapon Specialization – a fighter may spend an extra weapon proficiency to specialize in a weapon. For all weapons, this grants +1 to attack rolls, and +2 to damage rolls. The fighter also receives an additional attack every other round. 

At any point past 1st level, a fighter may spend an additional weapon proficiency slot to 'double specialize'. Their attack and damage bonuses are each increased to +3.

Battle Lore –  As a combat action, a fighter may 'size up' any opponent that they are facing. The fighter player will roll a number of d6's equal to their fighter level. For every result that is a 5 or higher, the DM must answer one of the questions about the opponent as truthfully as possible:

1. What is their THACO and attack bonus?

2. How many Hit Dice do they have?

3. What is their Armor Class?

4. What types of attacks might they be resistant to?

5. How could I provoke them?

6. Do they have any modifiers to surprise?

7. How much XP are they worth?

8. Who are they paying the most attention to? The least?

9. How many hit points do they have left? (on a 6 only)

10. How much damage do they do?

11. Do they have any unique combat abilities? If so, what are the mechanics of one? (on a 6 only)

12. Do they have any obvious vulnerabilities? (on a 6 only)

13. What is their strength score, compared to mine?

Fighting Stance – When a Fighter declares a 'Strike Blows' action, they may decide to adopt a fighting stance. The two options are below and take effect when they Fighter makes their first attack until their action on the following round.

  1.  Defensive Stance: Fighter suffers a -4 penalty to attack rolls and gains a +2 AC bonus
  2. Offensive Stance: Fighter suffers a -4 penalty to AC and gains +2 to attack rolls.


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