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Welcome to the campaign wiki. There isn't much here yet, but see the FAQ at the following:

Campaign Setting FAQ

Here is my current (vague) draft of how I will handle Combat Rules. I will be fleshing this out as I go, so this may not be of utility to anyone at this time.

I will be working on a character creation guide for those who want to make characters away from the gaming table. Stats can be rolled at and the results can be emailed to me. You must keep what you roll, using the '4d6 drop lowest' method. You can get your ability score modifiers from the following adaptation of the AD&D Player's Handbook tables. More detailed instructions will be coming soon.

The following links are for character creation resources and options that may differ from AD&D 1st edition:



Clerics of Ith



The Necromancer

The Barbarian


Witches and Warlocks

Other rules:

Dual-Classing Rules


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